The Mechanica Wars Characters


This steampunk series is an epic adventure that spans many countries all over this alternative 19th century world. Like any BIG story, there's a lot of characters in all the books. Here are the many colorful people in The Mechanica Wars...

Kanze Zenjiro "Zen"

Zen is the prince of Nihon, but he's most well-known as the most feared and respected warrior in his country. Despite the initial protests from his mother and father, he joined the military at the age of fifteen after his mother's death. In five short years, his heroics changed the tide of the battle for supremacy between the Nihonese clans.


Despite being next in line for the throne of his country, Zen has no desire to be king. He is an idealistic soldier who dreams of being remembered as the greatest warrior to ever live. His vanity and over-confidence, however, are his greatest faults. Zen has a strong sense of right and wrong. Sometimes, seeing the world in stark black and white makes him seem cold and inflexible. But once in awhile, he does allow his guard down to show a sentimental side.


Airship captain, wanderer, gambler, thief, inventor...Enapay of the Nabeho tribe is known for many things. But staying in one place for very long is definitely not one of them.


After suffering the loss of his entire immediate family from tribal wars, Enapay left home at a young age. He wandered all over Agrios until settling in the small harbor town of New Haven along the Northeastern coast. There, he became an apprentice of the most renowned inventor and engineer, Dr. Lionel DePaul.


DePaul became a father figure for Enapay, and taught him everything he knew about creating the most fantastic machines. But after more than ten eyars, Enapay found himself wandering the world once again, seeking adventure and fortune.

Geneva Bouvier

After serving as a deadly pistoleer in the Francian Army, Neva and her husband desperately tried to find some normalcy after the failed war with Iberia.


But when Neva's husband died, Neva and her son, Marcel, were left destitute. So she has no choice but to marry a wealthy crime boss.


Soon thereafter, Neva goes on a quest to find her kidnapped son. She travels across the Atlantica ocean to Agrios in search of the gangster who has abudcted her boy.


Neva will stop at nothing to find Marcel.

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