• Jay

Off to the Editor!

I finished another round of edits for The Gates, the first book in my Beyond Oblivion sci-fi-fantasy series. It was actually not too bad, as I decided to use Word's text-to-speech to read the entire manuscript to me, which was awesome. I was able to catch little tiny mistakes that I had missed visually.

In other news, I also republished Death Knocks. I will fix the cover, since it has my old publisher's logo on it. And then I plan on re-releasing Death Falls and Death Returns. The entire trilogy will be back out into the world. I just hope Amazon is good about transferring all my reviews over to the new editions.

I've started work on the second book of my sci-fi series, titled Through the Gates. I'm plotting and outlining right now, which is funny, since I never follow my outlines. I think it helps to get ideas down, but as I write, other stuff comes to me, and I find myself going back to redo my outlines to fit what I've actually written. It's all part of my process. I'm a reformed pantster...or maybe I'm just a hybrid author. A plotster?