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Emperor Kanze Hideaki (Nihon)

Hideaki succeeded his father, Kanze Hisashi, in leading the Kanze Clan. Through strategy and calculation, Hideaki easily won the loyalty of many of the most powerful clans in Nihon, eventually uniting his country under his leadership. He is known for being shrewd, but always working on behalf of his young nation. He is well aware of the growing threat from the Iberian Empire, and he becomes obsessed with doing whatever it takes to ward off the inevitable invasion by the Western Empire.


Although he might seem a little distant with his son, he knows Zen very well. He is proud of his son's accomplishments, but he is saddened by the fact that he knows Zen would not be able to make the difficult decisions a king must often make.


Queen Kanze Miwa (Nihon)

Miwa died of a serious illness at the age of only forty-two years old. She and Zen were extremely close, and she knew that her son was destined for greatness. Many believe that Zen inherited his indealism from his mother, and they would be right. Miwa's background and childhood is shrowded in mystery, as she has no known living relatives. In fact, she doesn't have royal blood, but her devotion to her husband and son were without equal.


Shogun Takeo Yoneda (Nihon)

Takeo was one of Zen's earliest combat instructors. Even though there was a large age difference between the two, they eventually became like brothers. He and Zen are actually distant cousins, and Takeo has remained loyal to the Kanze Clan throughout his military career. Known as an effective and cunning strategist, Takeo quickly rises up the rank to Shogun after King Kanze Hideaki takes the throne. Soon after becoming the Grand General of all of Nihon's military, Takeo yearns for the simple life of a soldier. He wasn't prepared for the heavy burden placed on his shoulders when he became Shogun.


Master Kyta (Nihon)

Kyta is both revered and feared by the Nihonese noblemen. She is Hideaki's adviser and Zen's teacher. Her background is shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that she used to be part of a order of mystical monks that roamed the mountains of Nihon. Some say she possesses magical abilities, so everyone is afraid to cross her. She is a grandmother-figure to Zen, and she represents the Old World for the rest of her country. It is said that she is the last of a long forgotten group of mystics. Regardless, Kyta is a scholar and Kanze Hideaki's most trusted confidant.


Cheng (Xia)

Cheng was a powerful General in the Western Jin army back in his homeland of Xia. But after he merciless slaughtered civilians, he was exiled. He found himself among a horde of criminals, and he soon organized a large army made up of raiders. They attacked and robbed tribal towns, growing in power and riches with each victory. Eventually, he sets his sights on the mighty Nabeho city in search of gold.



Olaf Geller (Tangria/Germania)

Not much is known about Geller's background. Many believe he hails from Germania, but he actually was born in Tangria. In the criminal underworld, Geller is a king. He strikes million dollar deals in selling illegal arms to whoever has the cash or gold to pay for it. The Iberian Empire has put a large price on his head, but no one is stupid enough to go after Geller. The man has his own army.


Lionel DePaul (Francia)

DePaul is a world famous for his inventions. He is known as the first person to create a gun that fires bullets repeatedly, called an "autogun." When his native Francia goes to war against the Iberian Empire, DePaul not only creates weapons to help his countrymen, but he also designs mechanical prosthetics for the wounded soldiers. When Francia is defeated, DePaul goes into hiding. He sets up a workshop in Agrios and begins to invent amazing machines for transportation, but Iberia wants to use his talents for their own purposes. 


Lionel DePaul is a member of a secret society known as the Enlightenment Guild. Not much is known about this group, but it is made up of the greatest scientific minds in the world.


Marcel Bouvier (Francia)

Nine year old Marcel has already endured more than most people experience in their adult lifetimes. His father dies, and he's forced to live with an unscrupulous stepfather. After being abducted by the greedy arms trader, Olaf Geller, he's unsure of what will become of him. Is he to become a slave? And what will happen when people learn about his power?


Dr. Simon Bonfils (Francia)

Simon is Lionel DePaul's nephew, and served in the Francian army as a field surgeon. He assisted his uncle with developing ground-breaking biomech prosthetics for injured soldiers. He accompanies his uncle on board the submersible boat, the Triton, on a quest to save a child. He's quiet and thoughtful, but intelligent and willing to risk his life for what he believes is right.


Shannon McMillan (Albion Isle)

After serving in the Albion Navy, she decided to leave the military and strike out on her own. McMilln can pilot anything: on land, sea, or even air. Her skills are highly sought after, but she hits paydirt when Lionel DePaul hires her to pilot the mysterious underwater boat, the Triton. McMillan tends to keep to herself, but she carries a profound sadness and guilt for a tragedy from her past.


Lopez and Orsini (Roma/Iberia)

Both sailors come from Roma, within the Iberian Empire, but had been in the privateer business for over a decade until they land the job of their dreams. They are hired to help pilot the Triton. They are often mistaken for being twin brothers, and they even share the same gregarious and loud personality. But they insist that they are not kin.


Chief Ohitekah (Nabeho)

The Nabeho is known as the mighty Tribe of the West, and Ohitekh is the proclaimed protector of his people. He is a fierce warrior in his own right, even at his age. He befriends Zen and even proclaims him an honorary member of the tribe.


Toksu (Nabeho)

Toksu is Enapay's childhood friend, and continues to travel with him on occasion. He stands nearly seven feet tall, and his body is practically solid muscle. Although Toksu's handy with a rifle, he prefers the intimacy of hand-to-hand combat. He proves to be a loyal and fearless friend to Zen and Neva.


Ambro Zapitoni (Roma)

The Zapitoni Family is famous for piracy, but no one is completely sure of how many brothers there are in their clan. Zapitoni seems to be a typical pirate at first, but he's got bigger plans for himself. He's known to be a mean drunk, but he is capable of reason when sober. Backstabbing and treachery is all Zapitoni knows, but deep inside, he knows that piracy will eventually lead to an early grave.


Supreme Chancellor Song (Xia)

Song is a former Supreme General of Xia, but he now is the Ruler of the Eastern Sui Faction. His army is double the size of his rival's, however, they lack the resources necessary for modernizing his military.


Supreme Chancellor Zhi (Xia)

Zhi claims to be the illegitimate son of King Han, but his proclomation has been challenged by many Xian nobles. He currently rules the Western Sui Faction and controls a vast majority of the divided country's mineral resources.

Shannon McMillan
Shannon McMillan

Mercenary pilot

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Yoneda Takeo
Yoneda Takeo

Shogun of Nihon

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Zapitoni's first mate

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Shannon McMillan
Shannon McMillan

Mercenary pilot

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