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Death Knocks

Maverick Ash never expected death to literally come knocking at the door, but it does, and he has no way to stop it.

It’s Maverick’s senior year. He’s no longer stuck in the “friend zone” with the girl of his dreams. He’s looking forward to college and being on his own. And he plans to have a blast along the way. One knock at the door changes everything and thrusts Maverick into a world he never knew existed.

The Black-Eyed Kids don’t demand money…

… they want much more than that, they want his life.

Maverick needs answers, and to get them, he must join forces with the very creature who took away all that he cared about. But a mysterious party will do what it takes to keep their secrets hidden.

Now he must race to expose the truth or face a fate far worse than death itself.

You'll love this fast-paced YA Paranormal Thriller, because everyone enjoys a battle against evil. Fans of Stranger Things and Supernatural will love Death Knocks.

Get it now and stay up all night reading.

Death Arrives

A Soul Hunters Novelette

Marcus struggles to understand what he’s become, and he fights the urge to kill.

Marcus’ world has been turned inside out. He can’t finish senior year, and there’s no way he can go back home. A victim of a scientific experiment gone wrong, now Marcus must fight what he is destined to become… a monster.

The one thing he can do is make sure his little brother is safe. To do that, Marcus ends up unleashing the very beast he fears more than anything.

Once Marcus satisfies his hunger, he will be forever changed.

Death Arrives is a novelette in The Soul Hunters Series. You'll love this fast-paced YA Paranormal Thriller series. Fans of Stranger Things and Supernatural will love The Soul Hunters.

Death Returns

Maverick is obsessed with vengeance, but punishing the forces who took everything away from him seems impossible.  

The only way to find Level 6 is to track the deadly abominations they created and stop them from killing again. Maverick follows a lead from an unknown source placing him and his friends in danger.

Meanwhile, Level 6 has created a blood-thirsty monster, and it’s on the loose. Maverick will need to team up with the most unlikely of allies if they hope to survive.

Death Returns is the conclusion of The Soul Hunters Series. You'll love this fast-paced YA Paranormal Thriller series. Fans of Stranger Things and Supernatural will love The Soul Hunters.

Get it now.

Dragonfly Warrior (The Mechanica Wars #1)

ISBN (13): 978-0991235605

At the age of twenty, Kanze Zenjiro's bloody footprints mark the bodies of those who stood in his way to protect the throne of Nihon. Now, the tyrannical Iberian Empire is bent on destroying his kingdom, and they send their steam-powered giants and iron spiders against him.


Zen embarks on a quest that takes him on the most dangerous journey of his life. To succeed, Zen must live up to his nickname, the Dragonfly Warrior, and kill all his enemies with only a sword and a pair of six-guns. He is called upon to somehow survive a test of faith and loyalty in a world so cruel and merciless, it borders on madness.

Shadow Warrior (The Mechanica Wars #2)

ISBN (13): 978-0991235629

The agony of a failed quest haunts Kanze Zenjiro, but the betrayal by those he trusted has turned his world upside down. With a heart full of hatred and defeat, Zen is desperate to get back to Nihon and demand the truth from his father.


Meanwhile, the Iberian Empire sends their soaring airships and steam-powered giants into The Orient. They threaten to upset the balance of power, hoping to exploit the faraway land in their greed for the resources needed to power their machines. Zen and his companions must fight to keep the world from plunging into total destruction.


And at the center of it all is a nine year old boy with the power of a god.

Iron Warrior (The Mechanica Wars #3)

ISBN (13): 978-0-9912356-4-3


Kanze Zenjiro was once a proud warrior, but he has since fallen into darkness. Now, he finds himself physically, emotionally, and spiritually broken. Crippled and distraught, Zen struggles to find peace. His wounds might heal, but the scars of his treachery will never fade.


Enapay and his crew try to repel the Iberian Empire, but the invaders unleash their armada. The Iberians will stop at nothing to quench their thirst for the world's resources. From east to west, war breaks out. 


Rebellion is growing.

And blood is spilling.


Only the one with the will of iron wil be victorious.


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